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Company Profile
Become a respected integrated service provider of display solutions

Founded in 2001, HKC Corporation Limited is a leading and world-renowned technology company in China focusing on the semiconductor display field, mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of semiconductor display panels and other core display devices and intelligent display terminals. The company has been committed to the vertical integration of the upstream and downstream of the display industry chain, and is also a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness, integrating research and development, production and sales.

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Employee Development
The way ahead is so long without ending, yet high and low I'll search with my will unbending.
Time flies, time flies, become HKC people's seventh year, whenever I mention HKC, I will feel very proud, whenever I see HKC products involuntarily excited.
From school to society, from ignorance to maturity, from assistant engineer to supervisor, the foot of the road is still far away, non-stop follow HKC's footsteps, to achieve personal life value.
Quality Department -SQE Supervisor
Employee growth
Paper from the end sense shallow, never know this matter to practice.
I was very lucky to become a member of the HKC University family. When I first entered the workplace, every colleague was my teacher. After taking over the MES system development, I realized that what I got in the book was too theoretical, and there would be a big difference in practice. During the nearly one year's work, I have learned different technologies and knowledge from various colleagues and leaders, including network exception handling from operation and maintenance personnel, new development framework technology and database knowledge from software development engineers, and multiple perspectives, patterns of people's work and emotional intelligence from leaders. Realized their own value in the company.
IT engineer
Employee Benefits
Salary and treatment

A compensation mechanism with industry competitiveness; Monthly performance, quarterly awards, year-end awards, project awards and other forms of bonuses; Five insurance and one fund, salary adjustment opportunities, etc.

Recreational activities

A variety of staff activities, such as outdoor activities, staff dinner, annual meeting activities.

paid leave.

Enjoy annual leave, statutory holiday and other paid leave stipulated by the state.

Other benefits

Annual travel + free annual health examination + holiday gifts and other benefits and surprises.


Free summer and winter workwear


Dining in the canteen (some areas have meal subsidies)


Dormitory + apartment, equipped with air conditioning, water heater, separate bathroom (at your own expense in some areas)


Free shuttle to and from work (not available in some areas)

Warm wishes on an important day.

The company is the place to spend the most time away from home, and HKC has prepared birthday gifts for you, anniversary wishes, and plenty of wedding leave, maternity leave and other important holidays.

By the way, we will also arrange a health examination for HKC's family every year to ensure your physical and mental health.

In HKC, you can not only feel the joy and sense of achievement brought by work, we also hope to give you the love and warmth of family.

Heart to heart, screen to screen.
Dragon Boat Festival rainbow run
DIY mooncake activity
Women's Day
Chinese Valentine's Day garden party
HKC Annual meeting activities
Campus Recruitment
"Creativity will open up a world of innovation and opportunity"
"Creativity will open up a world of innovation and opportunity"
  • Social recruitment
  • Campus recruitment
  • You can enter the recruitment platform such as 51job/Zhaopin/Liepin /BOSS Zhipin, search HKC Corporation Limited, select the position you are interested in, click "Apply for job" to send your resume.

    Interview process: Submit resume - interview -offer- entry
    First of all, please register your resume on recruitment platforms such as 51job/Zhaopin/Liepin /BOSS Zhipin, search for Huike Co., Ltd. and deliver your resume. If your resume is selected, you will be invited for an interview. The interview generally includes HR interview, professional interview and business department leader interview, and the interview and assessment process is generally completed within one day. After attending the interview, you will receive a notification of the interview results, and those who are accepted will receive an offer.

    We will arrange the resume screening according to the time of each department. If your resume passes the screening, we will notify you by SMS, phone or email. Please keep the contact information in your resume unblocked.

    If there is any further progress, the staff will contact you by email, phone or SMS in time. Please keep the contact information open and wait patiently.

    Please refer to the registration email issued by the company and prepare relevant materials according to the guidance.

  • You can follow the "HKC Recruitment" public account, learn about the university recruitment positions, according to the post email in different cities to send your resume.
    Huike 2023 graduates recruitment target: January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023 graduates from domestic and foreign universities and graduate students.
    Interview process: Resume delivery - resume screening - first test - second test - offer- sign a tripartite agreement
    Candidates post on Huike campus recruitment public account. If your resume is selected, HR will contact you. The interview usually includes a first and second interview. Students who participate in the interview will receive the interview result notification about 7 days after the interview.
    We will arrange the resume screening according to the time of the job fair in each region. If your resume is selected, we will notify you by SMS, phone or email. Please keep the contact information in your resume open.
    Candidates will be notified of the interview results within 7 days after the interview
    Please refer to the instructions in the registration email you received to prepare the required materials. For more questions about new employees, please contact for specific consultation.