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Function Display
Function Display
HKC feature machine covers the size of conventional feature machine in the market (1.77"~2.8"), adopts VA technology, has ultra-high contrast, better highlights the details and textures in the image, greatly improves the visual effect, enhances the color saturation on the basis of conventional feature machine technology (TN), and ensures that the viewing Angle is close to IPS technology. Give users a completely different visual experience.
Feature 1
High color saturation

Both adopt VA technology, with saturation reaching 63%~67%, far exceeding TN/IPS products of the same size.

Feature 2
wide horizon

The viewing angle is close to 180°, and each viewing angle can be clearly displayed

Feature 3
high contrast

The contrast ratio is 1500:1~2000:1, which has reached the top level of the industry

Function machine displays product parameter table
Technology Size Resolution Operating temperature Peripheral dimensions Visible area NTSC(%) Perspective Contrast
VA 1.77" 128*160 -20℃/70℃ 31.832(H)*41.420(V) 28.032(H)*35.040(V) 67% 80/80/80/80 1500:1
VA 2.4" 240*320 -20℃/70℃ 40.32(H)*56.26(V) 36.72(H)*48.96(V) 67% 80/80/80/80 1500:1
VA 2.8" 240*320 -20℃/70℃ 46.76(H)*65.6(V) 43.2(H) * 57.6(V) 63% 80/80/80/80 2000:1

* Product in kind shall prevail. Parameters and specifications are subject to change without prior notice