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MLED Display
MLED Display
HKC MLED display field professional design, production and supply of Mini/MicroLED display products and solutions, with high contrast, high brightness, high image quality, energy saving and other characteristics, products are widely used in security monitoring, conference education, commercial display, virtual shooting, home theater and other fields.
Feature 1
Flip installation, energy saving

Equipped with a full flip-chip LED chip, using the latest energy-saving technology, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Feature 2
high contrast

High blackening treatment, the surface is darker and the contrast is higher

Feature 3
Structural optimization

Patented structural design, higher splicing accuracy, unique surface treatment technology, effectively solves side module problems

Feature 4
High consistency

Unique pad design, better display consistency, full grayscale correction technology

MLED COB product parameter sheet
Product modelHF12CCHF15CCHE07CCHE09CC
Module resolution120*13596*108192*216160*180
Module size (mm)150*168.75150*168.75150*168.75150*168.75
Box compositionBox module composition4*24*24*24*2
Cabinet resolution480*270384*216768*432640*360
Box size (mm)600*337.5600*337.5600*337.5600*337.5
Pixel density (dots/m2)640,000410,9141,638,4001,137,778
Maintenance methodPre-maintenancePre-maintenance
Cabinet materialdie cast aluminumdie cast aluminum
Box flatness (mm)≤0.15≤0.1
Use parametersTypical life value (hrs)≥100,000≥100,000
Horizontal viewing angle (°)≥160°≥160°
Vertical viewing angle (°)≥160°≥160°
Color temperature (K)2000-15000 adjustable2000-15000 adjustable
Color gamutNTSC 110%NTSC 110%
Chroma Uniformity≥97%≥97%
Brightness (after nit correction)≥600≥600≥600≥600
Refresh rate (Hz)38403840
Peak power consumption (W/m2)≤320≤310≤200
Working temperature range(℃)-10~40-10~45
Storage temperature range (℃)-20~60-20~60
Working humidity range (RH)10%~90%10%~90%
Storage humidity range (RH)10%~90%10%~90%

* Product in kind shall prevail. Parameters and specifications are subject to change without prior notice