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Car Display Screen
Car Display Screen
HKC car display covers 6.86 to 12.8 inches of products, with regional dimming, ultra-large screen integration, narrow bezels, metal oxide, highly integrated TDDI and other features to provide consumers with an immersive driving experience.
Feature 1
Zone dimming

MiniLED technology achieves ultra-high contrast; zone dimming, dynamic display of images; low power consumption, reducing energy consumption

Feature 2
Ultra-large screen integration

1.2-meter ultra-wide screen display; integrated design, ultra-high-definition picture

Feature 3
narrow bezel

The high screen-to-body ratio improves the visual effect; the special-shaped full screen improves the smoothness of the entire machine.

Feature 4
Metal oxide

High electron mobility, low leakage current; high refresh rate, low power consumption; high PPI, supports 2K/4K/8K display

Feature 5
Highly integrated TDDI

Integrated touch display driver; improved sensitivity; thinner and lighter

Vehicle display product parameter table
Model Size Resolution Active Area (mm,H*V) Outline Dimension (mm,W*H*D)TrCRRT(ms)NTSC(%)View Angle(L/R/U/D)Operation TempStorageTempInterfa ce
QV068BS01-1 6.86" 480*1280 60.192*160.512 63.392*169.012*0.84.4%1500:13070%85/85/85/85-20~70C-30~80°CMIPI
QV090AS01-1 9.00" 1024*600 196.608*114.15 203.7*122.1*0.85.4%800:13050%85/85/85/85-20~70C-40~85°CMIPI
QV093CS01-1 9.35" 480*1920 58.032*232.128 62.08*242.14*0.84.16%1000:13060%85/85/85/85-20~70C-30~80°CMIPI
PV103CS01-1 10.25" 1920*720 243.648*91.368 251.148*101.098*3.233.8%1500:12075%85/85/85/85-40~90°C-40~95°CLVDS
QV103CS01-1 10.25" 1920*720 243.648*91.368 251.148*101.098*1.083.8%1500:12075%85/85/85/85-40~90°C-40~95°CLVDS
QV116CS01-1 11.6" 1920*1080 256.320*144.18 261.52*152.08*0.83.6%1500:13567%85/85/85/85-20~70°C-30~80°CeDP
PV123CS01-1 12.3" 1920*720 292.032*109.512 300.032*120.512*1.083.8%1500:13075%85/85/85/85-30~85°C-40~95°CLVDS
MV123CS01-1 12.3" 3840*2160 292.032*109.512 301.432*122.712*7.23.8%1500:13075%85/85/85/85-30~85°C-40~95°CLVDS
TV128CS01-1 12.8" 1920*1080 283.392*159.408 299.90*182.08*8.67/1500:13085%85/85/85/85-40~85°C-40~90°CLVDS

* Product in kind shall prevail. Parameters and specifications are subject to change without prior notice