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Wearable Display
Wearable Display
Products cover 1.44 ~ 2 inches, using IPS technology, with high color gamut, wide viewing Angle, high contrast and other display characteristics, to further improve the display effect, mainly used in the smart wear market.
Feature 1
High color gamut

Using IPS technology, the saturation reaches 75%, exceeding TN/IPS products of the same size

Feature 2
high contrast

The contrast ratio is 1200:1, and the display screen is more realistic, reaching the top level in the industry.

Feature 3
wide viewing angle

The viewing angle is close to 180°, making it easier to wear the product at all angles;

Wearable display product parameter table
Technology Size Resolution Operating temperature Peripheral dimensions Visible area NTSC(%) Perspective Contrast
IPS 2.01 240*296 -20℃/70℃ 33.74(H) x 43.116 (V) 32.04(H) x 39.516 (V) 75% 85/85/85/85 1200:1

* Product in kind shall prevail. Parameters and specifications are subject to change without prior notice