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HKC's QD-MiniLED TV Ushers in a New Era of Vibrant Visuals

In recent years, with consumers' increasing demand for high-quality TVs, MiniLED backlight, as a new display technology, has combined the advantages of LCD and OLED. It has gained popularity among consumers due to its excellent contrast, color rendering ability, lower energy consumption, and higher cost-effectiveness. According to Sigmaintell data, global shipments of MiniLED backlight TVs reached 3.2 million units in 2023, representing a year-on-year increase of 10.7%. By 2025, the global shipment scale is expected to exceed OLED TVs, becoming the mainstream in the global high-end TV market.

Advantages of MiniLED Backlight TVs


Unlike the previously introduced MiniLED direct-view products, MiniLED backlight TVs use more and smaller backlight LEDs and regional dimming zones to emit light. Each zone can independently control its brightness, resulting in brighter and more detailed TV images.

01 Image Brightness and Detail

MiniLED TVs stand out with their superior display performance. Their peak brightness can soar to several thousand nits, equipped with tens of thousands of micro LED beads that are neatly arranged behind the LCD screen, giving the screen a vibrant life. The independent brightness control capability of each LED matrix block enables MiniLED TVs to present brighter images, capture and display subtle changes in every detail, and achieve stunning levels and depths in HDR effects, bringing users an immersive viewing experience.

02 Long Service Life

Compared to OLED TVs' organic light-emitting diode light sources, MiniLED TVs adopt LED beads with better insulation materials and heat dissipation effects. These beads have a longer lifespan and higher stability, able to maintain high brightness output for a longer time, providing users with a more durable viewing experience.

03 Higher Cost-Effectiveness

With technological advancements, domestic TV brands are achieving significant cost-effectiveness improvements through carefully designed MiniLED backlight systems that optimize the number of single-zone lights and increase the number of zones. This innovative approach not only makes the image quality more delicate and smooth, presenting clearer and more vivid images, but also ensures the screen's high brightness performance. More importantly, through this optimization, it can effectively reduce overall production costs without sacrificing the visual experience, providing consumers with more attractive product options.

HKC, as one of the top 10 TV OEM manufacturers globally, boasts strong technical competitiveness and production capacity advantages in the TV industry. Compared to ordinary MiniLED TVs, HKC integrates MiniLED technology with advanced QD quantum dot technology, significantly expanding the color gamut of MiniLED backlight TVs. This technological integration not only enhances color rendering but also enables the TV's color gamut to exceed 100% NTSC, presenting more vivid and vivid images.

Due to the poor red and green performance of ordinary LCD TVs, the overall visual perception of the TV screen is not good, with energy mainly concentrated in the blue and yellow bands, and insufficient intensity in the green and red bands. However, quantum dots can excite light with higher color purity under the stimulation of light. Therefore, when the LED backlight shines on the quantum dot film, it is converted into extremely pure red, green, and blue light by the quantum dot film, achieving the purpose of increasing the color gamut.

Currently, HKC has launched multiple MiniLED backlight TV products, including sizes such as 55", 65", 85", 100", and 107", catering to the needs of different consumers.

Among them, the 107-inch TV is cut from HKC's G8.6 high-generation production line, featuring the industry's widest (21:9) 5K ultra-high-definition LCD panel, comparable to cinema-level visual effects. It adopts an ultra-high-zone (5184 zone) QD MiniLED backlight architecture, delivering HDR 2000nits ultra-high brightness, 100000:1 ultra-high dynamic contrast, NTSC >100% high color vividness, and 5ms high dynamic response display quality. This product has also won the 2023 Shanghai DIC Display Application Innovation Gold Award.


HKC has always been committed to continuous innovation and continuously accumulating core technologies and patent reserves to promote the continuous development of display technology and bring rich visual enjoyment to consumers.