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HKC participated in 2023 Shenzhen International Full Touch and Display Exhibition to build multi-scene smart iot industry applications

From October 11th to 13th, 2023 Shenzhen International Full Touch and Display Exhibition was grand opening in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Hall). The exhibition site was bustling and noisy. HKC and the major participating brands showed the new products, new technologies and new ideas in the field of new display and smart touch control to the audience from all over the world. At the same time, focus on new energy materials, smart cabin and vehicle display, new display, electronic paper, Mini/Micro LED, smart touch, smart business display, smart security, smart factory, Internet of Things, meta-universe and other hot topics, talk about the current situation of the industry, looking forward to future opportunities.

In this exhibition, HKC and its brand Sambada appeared together, showing smart office, smart retail, smart storage and other products and solutions, of which 100 inch light conference machine, 7.5 inch electronic table, 10.3 inch smart office book as the key products of this exhibition, but also attracted a batch of professional visitors to come to watch.


  • Smart office

In this exhibition, HKC displayed many kinds of display products such as readers, intelligent office books, smart tables, smart door signs and conference machines, which integrated intelligent and information technology to form a comprehensive smart office system and provide efficient, convenient and energy-saving smart office solutions.

  • Smart retail

HKC exhibited a number of smart retail display products such as POS machines, advertising machines, and mobile water brands to help retail merchants achieve digital, intelligent, personalized and efficient development, and improve the competitiveness and innovation of the retail industry.

  • Intelligent storage

HKC's smart warehouse label uses Internet of Things technology and big data analysis to intelligently manage warehouse objects, quickly process storage and assist sorting, which not only saves labor costs, but also improves work efficiency.

  • HKC WACO 100 inch light conference machine

4K ultra HD display: using the native 4K120Hz high brush screen, the picture display is clearer, and the color restoration is more real;

Comprehensive design: ultra-narrow frame, comprehensive screen design, greatly improve the screen proportion of the conference machine, to bring users a broader vision; At the same time, the use of lightweight design, fuselage is thinner; Front terminal port, more convenient connection;

Wireless screen casting: built-in screen casting software, wireless screen casting more convenient.

  • HKC 17.5 inch electronic table

Ultra-long standby: four-color ink screen, no power consumption when displaying static content, ultra-long standby, lower carbon energy saving and environmental protection;

More fashionable design: ultra-thin design, more fashionable and concise;

Bluetooth connection: Through Bluetooth connection, online replacement of display content, easy to operate.

  • HKC 10.3-inch smart office book

Full color ink screen: using full color ink screen, ppi up to 300, the picture is clearer;

Paper-like writing effect: electromagnetic handwriting design, paper-like writing effect, improve user writing experience;

Voice transfer: Support voice transfer, translation, more intelligent and convenient to use;

Ultra-thin design: The whole machine adopts ultra-thin design, more light and portable.

In addition to this, Whitco has been actively committed to sustainability practices in support of the strategy to achieve the "two-carbon" goal. The company actively promotes the innovative research and development of electronic paper and other display technologies, and gives full play to the excellent cutting technology of HKC G8.6 high generation production line, to promote the development of intelligent Internet of Things diversified market by applying innovative technology. At the same time, we adhere to the pursuit of green, low-carbon, high-quality development, and practice corporate social responsibility. In this effort, we won three awards awarded by the exhibition: 2023 "Commercial Display Green Development Enterprise Award", "Commercial Display Excellence Enterprise Award" and "Display Touch Industry Excellence Enterprise Award".As a key component of HKC display business, commercial display has built a complete HKC smart iot display terminal solution system. Through the active use of technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and hardware and software integration, an information interconnection, sharing and interaction platform has been established to promote better connections between people, people and things, and things and things, thus building a powerful Internet of Things integration system.

HKC, as a leader in the field of semiconductor display, continues to be committed to the innovation of display technology, and continues to accumulate core technology and patent reserves, to provide consumers with more convenient wisdom experience, and comprehensively enable a better smart life.