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HKC appeared at Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show to create a new experience of immersive esports

From October 11 to 14, the 2023 Hong Kong Autumn Consumer Electronics Show was held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. More than 2,000 quality OEM/ODM suppliers from all over the world, more than 4,000 booths, more than 150,000 consumer electronics products on display.

Hong Kong Autumn Global Resources Consumer Electronics Show, has been the world's professional B2B international trade procurement event, for retailers and dealers around the world to bring a large number of unique design of consumer electronics products, electronic components and smart life products, for the frontier technology landing to provide a high-quality platform.

This exhibition, Global Resources to create seven theme product exhibition areas, covering computers and accessories, audio and video products, games and esports, outdoor electronics, automotive electronics, commercial electronics, electronic components and other popular categories, a comprehensive display of the consumer electronics industry cutting-edge technology application solutions. Among them, the immersive games and e-sports products Pavilion (Hall 2) is the exhibition hall of HKC. Together with its own display brands HKC and Ant Electronics, HKC exhibited many highly innovative products and solutions.

  • MG49P2-49-inch OLED display


The ultimate display equipment is always the unremitting pursuit of players and consumers. More novel, avant-garde configuration, but also the esports hall to improve attendance. The display technology has experienced an upgrade evolution path from TN to OLED, and OLED displays are unique in terms of response time, color level, contrast, and color gamut!

As one of the popular exhibits of this exhibition, MG49P2 has a super high refresh rate of 240Hz and a response time of 0.03ms, bringing a silk-smooth game experience, even if it is a fast-paced action scene, it greatly reduces the probability of dragging, delay, and lag. At the same time, the curved screen into the 32:9 ultra-long size with fish screen design can get a better display effect in a limited space, improve visual comfort and immersion, and double upgrade the visual and operating experience!

  • XG276QK -- Cool robotic arm

Whether for work or entertainment, the display has become an integral part of life. The birth of "minimalist desktop aesthetics" comes from young people's attitude toward life, which is the product of the development of The Times and the upgrading of consumption, and is also another strong fulcrum for expanding industrial prospects and opening up new tracks for enterprises.

The XG276QK has upgraded and innovated on the bracket, abandoning the traditional display bracket and adopting a mechanical arm instead. For players and consumers, it not only saves desktop space, but also is more flexible than the traditional bracket, with almost omnidirectional Angle adjustment, adapting more field of view Angle and scene needs.

  • Immersive games and esports products pavilion

With this year's Asian Games in Hangzhou, e-sports was included in the official competition, causing the attention of the entire game industry and even the whole society, e-sports set off a boom again.

The organizer Global Resources and Ant e-sports in the second hall special planning of games and e-sports products pavilion, jointly create e-sports room, Internet cafe on the war zone and other scenes cool experience area, so that exhibitors immerse in the unique charm of e-sports products.

Today, electronic games and esports are increasingly influential worldwide - according to statistics, about 3 billion people worldwide play video games, of which more than 500 million people are particularly interested in esports (including virtual sports and simulated sports). Therefore, the International Olympic Committee has also been involved in the development of e-sports in a comprehensive manner.

From 2021, when the International Olympic Committee held the Olympic Virtual Series, to this year's first Olympic esports Week, the results were hugely popular. More than 500,000 participants participated in the competition week. And in July this year, Fok Qigang, president of the Asian e-Sports Federation, said that it plans to launch the e-sports Asian Cup in 2024, and the e-sports industry is steadily developing to a larger and broader stage.

As a domestic display leader, HKC extends its layout in the e-sports industry from e-sports cafes to e-sports hotels and other fields, constantly creates differentiated products, takes the real needs of customers as the starting point, continues to provide excellent products and services for industry customers, meets the diversified needs of consumers, and continues to lead the innovative development of the e-sports industry. Help Asian power lead the world in esports!