Scientific and technological innovation leads industrial upgrading! HKC has won many national honors

Scientific and technological innovation leads industrial upgrading! HKC has won many national honors

HKC has always been committed to the innovative research and development of display technology, and strives to become the industry benchmark of new display industry, helping China's new display industry from "big country" to "strong country".

In this goal of continuous improvement and efforts, HKC has won a number of national honorary titles, toward the digital, intelligent, green development of the road, guided by the number of intelligent, enabling industrial upgrading, leading the development of scientific and technological innovation.

  • 2023 year 5G factory

In order to further promote the innovation and development of "5G+ Industrial Internet", accelerate the construction of 5G factories and build a Chinese brand of 5G factories. After the recommendation of the provincial industry and information technology authorities, the Communications Administration, and the review and publicity of the Industrial Internet strategic consulting expert Committee, the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the 2023 5G factory directory, and Changsha HKC honors the list. HKC's "5G+ Industrial Internet Smart Factory" integrates 5G industrial Internet platform, big data and other technologies, breaks through the traditional flat panel display industry manufacturing mode, customized high-quality 5G industrial network with industry attributes, and based on the equipment connection and equipment management capabilities of the industrial Internet platform. Solve the needs of industrial equipment users and operators to flexibly manage and monitor equipment at any time, provide data analysis and modeling services, create 5G innovative business scenarios for smart factory applications, and set a benchmark for the application of 5G+ smart factory technology in the LCD panel manufacturing industry.


  • 2023 intelligent manufacturing excellent scene

With the development of science and technology, the use of high-tech and intelligent new technologies is more and more widespread, intelligent manufacturing has become the trend of future industry development. In order to implement the national "14th Five-Year Plan" intelligent manufacturing development Plan, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly carried out the 2023 annual intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration action, HKC's "quality accurate traceability" and "intelligent storage" two intelligent manufacturing scenes were selected by the city, province and national three levels, and were successfully selected as the 2023 annual intelligent manufacturing excellent scene, becoming a nationally recognized typical demonstration.

  • 2023 National intellectual property advantage enterprise

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office announced the assessment results of national intellectual property advantage enterprises and demonstration enterprises in 2023, and HKC Shares, Changsha HKC Optoelectronics and Mianyang HKC Optoelectronics have been listed. Further enhance the company's ability to innovate and protect intellectual property rights, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. "National intellectual property Advantage Enterprise" refers to an enterprise that belongs to the key industrial fields of the country and the region, can undertake major and key industrial development projects of the country and the region, has independent intellectual property rights capabilities, actively carries out intellectual property rights protection and application, establishes a comprehensive intellectual property rights management system and mechanism, and has comprehensive intellectual property rights strength.

  • 2023 national green factory

The national green factory creation activity is a national selection activity organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology since 2017, which is an authoritative recognition for enterprises in line with "green development", aimed at improving China's green manufacturing system, fully implementing green manufacturing, and helping the industrial field to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality. HKC HKC actively implements the concept of green and low-carbon development, and implements the concept of green and sustainable development in industrial chain design, energy utilization, resource utilization, infrastructure, ecological environment, operation management and other aspects by formulating green governance guidelines. Under the implementation of this concept, Changsha HKC won the title of national Green Factory in 2023, which also marks that the four factories under HKC's mass production (Changsha HKC, Chuzhou HKC, Mianyang HKC, Chongqing Jinyu) were all rated as "National green Factory", fully demonstrating that HKC actively helps the sustainable development of industry through scientific and technological innovation. Give play to the leading and exemplary role of leading enterprises.

With the rise of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, coupled with the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, digitalization, intelligence and green have become the development trend of the industry, leading the support industry to develop to a higher level, HKC adheres to scientific and technological innovation, injecting more impetus into the upgrading and transformation of China's manufacturing industry.