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Sincere Collaboration, Creating a Future Together | HKC Wins Wintech's "2024 Sincere Partner of the Year' Award"

Recently, HKC was invited to participate in the 2024 Global Elite Partners Conference organized by Wintech Technology Co., Ltd. With the theme of "Intelligent Collaboration, Building Development Together," HKC stood out from numerous suppliers due to its professional team management, excellent solutions, and stable supply capabilities, and was awarded the "2024 Sincere Partner of the Year" award by Wintech.


As a leading enterprise in the display industry, HKC has always been at the forefront of the industry, constantly leading technological innovation. Currently, HKC has developed over 30 types of smartphone LCD panels and successfully launched the world's first G8.6 generation smartphone full-screen, bringing a brand-new visual experience to the mobile phone industry. In terms of technology, HKC continuously improves core parameters such as transmittance, refresh rate, and color gamut, providing users with a clearer, smoother, and more colorful visual experience. In terms of design, HKC offers comprehensive and high-quality display solutions to customers, meeting diverse user needs, ranging from narrow bezels, lightweight and thin experiences, to irregular cutting, and touch integration.

  • High Transmittance

HKC has developed high-transmittance smartphone screens that achieve high-brightness display by reducing backlight brightness, thereby reducing power consumption and improving battery life.

  • Negative Liquid Crystal + Photoalignment

HKC's full range of mobile phone products adopts NLC+PA, which offers advantages such as high transmittance, high contrast, and power savings, resulting in more vibrant display details.

  • 120Hz High Refresh Rate

HKC has pushed the limits of smartphones to achieve a 120Hz high refresh rate, making the display more stable and smooth, even under ultra-low temperature conditions, ensuring that users can enjoy a clear and smooth visual experience even outdoors in cold winters.

  • High Color Gamut

HKC continuously breaks through technological barriers in mobile phone displays, achieving high color saturation and providing customers with excellent and professional solutions.

Relying on its strong technical strength and high-quality services, HKC has provided professional and efficient support to multiple leading mobile phone customers globally, winning the trust and praise of numerous customers. According to data from Omdia, HKC ranked third globally in terms of smartphone panel shipments in 2023.

Looking ahead, HKC will continue to uphold its vision of "enriching and enhancing human visual experiences," strengthening its research and development capabilities, improving process stability, and optimizing technical services and customer support teams. Through continuous technological innovation and product upgrades, HKC aims to lead industry progress and bring more high-quality, efficient, and convenient visual experiences to global consumers. At the same time, HKC will collaborate with more partners to create a better future together.