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HKC Collaborates with Corning and Tongli to Jointly Develop Curved Screen Technology, Creating New Opportunities in the Automotive Market

Collaborative Strength, Innovative Technology Ushers in a New Era of Consumer Experience

On April 16th, HKC held a display technology innovation seminar in Shanghai. The conference specifically invited two industry giants, Corning and Tongli, to jointly discuss the "cold bending 3D lamination technology" in the field of automotive displays. During the meeting, HKC, Corning, and Tongli conducted deep discussions on key elements such as technology, resources, and talents, and successfully promoted the implementation of a joint experimental project. Following this, HKC, Corning, and Tongli will each leverage their strengths in the automotive field to jointly develop 3D curved screens for automotive displays, continuously expanding the boundaries of the display industry and bringing unprecedented excellent experiences to consumers.

Collaborative Success, Jointly Creating New Opportunities for the Development of Smart Cockpits

As a leader in the display industry, HKC possesses exceptional technical strength and profound industry experience. Over the years, it has not only established close partnerships with numerous globally renowned terminal brands but has also achieved significant achievements in the automotive business segment, successfully passing the rigorous audits of leading global customers and embarking on an international journey.

One of the partners this time, Corning, is a global leader in special glass and ceramic materials. With nearly two centuries of deep expertise in materials science and manufacturing processes, it has brought numerous revolutionary products to human life. Previously, Corning and HKC have repeatedly collaborated to jointly explore industry-leading technologies, achieving fruitful results.

Tongli Optoelectronics, as a leader in full lamination solutions for touch screens, has developed a series of organic silicon adhesives, nano-adhesives, and glass reinforcing agents used for glass lamination and reinforcement in the photoelectric display industry. It has also independently developed a series of supporting automation equipment and manufacturing processes.

This tripartite collaboration not only demonstrates the forward-thinking of HKC, Corning, and Tongli in technological innovation but also highlights HKC's globally leading strength in leading the smart display ecosystem. HKC will continue to leverage its advantages in technology research and development, fully utilizing the high-quality resources brought by this collaboration, to strive to create even more exceptional display products and services, delivering extraordinary value experiences to customers and partners.