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HKC Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Nissei Group to Jointly Pursue Comprehensive Innovation and Development in the Automotive Industry

On April 23rd, HKC and Nissei Electric (affiliated with the Nissei Group) signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" in Dongguan. Based on their respective core technological accumulations, manufacturing capabilities, and market advantages, both parties will promote innovation and development in the field of automotive display technology. Mr. Guo Zhengxia, Vice President of HKC's IA BU, and Mr. Hua Wei, Vice President of the Nissei Group, attended the signing ceremony together.


As a leading enterprise in the display industry, HKC has become an emerging force in the automotive field, relying on the core resources of liquid crystal panels, and is committed to providing high-quality automotive display products and smart solutions for automakers. Nissei Electric, as a well-known supplier in the automotive field, possesses Tier 1-level technical strength, manufacturing capabilities, and market advantages. Over the years, Nissei Electric has accumulated rich experience and reputation in the field of automotive displays, and its products and services are deeply recognized by the market. This cooperation will further strengthen the competitiveness of both parties in the field of automotive display technology.

According to the agreement, both parties will jointly explore the potential demand of the front-end market and adjust product strategies based on market demand. Through close cooperation, they will provide smarter and more efficient automotive display solutions to meet the diverse needs of automakers and consumers.

After the signing ceremony, the HKC IA BU team visited Nissei Electric together. This was not only a field inspection of Nissei Electric's technical strength and production capacity but also a deeper and more comprehensive understanding and planning for future cooperation between the two parties. During the visit, the two teams had in-depth exchanges and discussed the latest development trends and market prospects of automotive display technology.


In the future, HKC and Nissei Electric will actively explore more development cooperation models and market opportunities, contributing to the sustainable development of the automotive display industry.