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Empowering Boundaries-Free Innovations | The Business Cooperation and Product Launch Event between HKC Corporation and Intel China Region Successfully Concluded

On April 22, HKC, a leading company in the display industry, held a press conference in Shenzhen with Intel China to announce their strategic cooperation and product launches. The theme of the event was "Empowering Boundaries, Creating Momentum for the Future." HKC has always been committed to technological innovation and product quality improvement, while Intel China , as a world-leading chip provider, boasts robust technical capabilities and extensive industry experience. At the conference, the two sides officially announced that they will embark on a deep collaboration based on their respective technological and market advantages, jointly creating a new chapter in the field of digital displays.

During the conference, HKC unveiled a series of products, including the Obsidian series A770, A750, A580, A310, and A380 graphics cards based on Intel China is Arc graphics solution, as well as the HS-B760M-D4 and HS-H610M-D4 motherboards and all-in-one computers powered by Intel China is Core processors. Multiple industry experts, channel customers, and renowned technology media partners from across the country were invited to attend the event.

At the beginning of the conference, representatives from both HKC and Intel  China took the stage to deliver speeches, expressing their expectations and confidence in the collaboration.

Jiang Xuguang, Vice President of the IOT-A BU Display Ecosystem Division of HKC, said in his speech that with the rapid development of AI intelligence and the surge in data processing demands, graphics cards have evolved from mere entertainment tools to core fundamental hardware for technological innovation. The collaboration between HKC and Intel China will bring advantages in hardware optimization, software compatibility, system integration, technical support, ecosystem construction, and market promotion, propelling HKC's research and development in AI-powered all-scenario applications.

This powerful alliance represents a profound strategic layout by HKC and Intel China in the future of graphics processing capabilities and intelligent AI product application scenarios. HKC is committed to rapidly integrating Intel's product lines into computer peripherals, AI PCs, AI all-in-ones, AI laptops, servers, and other product applications, jointly driving the development of AI smart terminals to be more efficient, convenient, and diverse, offering users a wider range of choices.

Xu Jinping, Senior Product Director of the Client Products Division of Intel China, said in his speech that as a leading chip provider globally, Intel China has always been committed to providing the most advanced technologies and products to users worldwide. Our vision is to "create technology that changes the world and benefits everyone on Earth."

In China, the world's largest single market, Intel China has maintained a steady development momentum, and Intel China has officially upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0. The new product launches in collaboration with HKC are a testament to Intel China 2.0. In the future, we will work closely with HKC to jointly launch products based on Intel's Arc and Core technologies in the graphics card and motherboard segments. Intel will fully support HKC in providing comprehensive support from technical assistance, market promotion, brand services, to channel partnerships, jointly developing innovative products, expanding market share, and delivering a superior product experience to consumers.

Pu Peng, Marketing Director of the IOT-A Display Ecosystem Division of HKC, provided a detailed explanation of the core products launched at the conference—the Obsidian Black Obsidian series desktop graphics cards. Among them, the Arc A770 features a full metal backplate and a three-fan design, delivering powerful performance and stability. It boasts 32 Xe cores and 32 ray-tracing units, with a core frequency range of 2.1GHz and is equipped with 256-bit 16GB memory, delivering a bandwidth of up to 560GB/s. It can smoothly handle complex image tasks, particularly suitable for high-end esports gaming series.

The exhibition area at the conference also showcased various products powered by Intel China solutions, including graphics cards, motherboards, and all-in-one computers.

The industry-oriented graphics card products include turbine fan graphics cards, MXM graphics cards, and blade cards. These graphics card products are compact and high-performing, widely used in notebook and other small-form-factor platforms, suitable for multiple applications in military, medical, power inspection, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and security.

The miniPC boasts a rich array of interfaces for convenient expansion and supports Intel China series CPUs. It can be used as a cloud desktop access terminal device, helping users save maintenance costs and ensure the security of data resources. It can also be used for office work and installing commonly used PC software.

The all-in-one computer boasts a 4K resolution and a 72% NTSC color gamut. It adopts the Intel China  500 series chipset and