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HKC supplies the dual-screen in-vehicle display for the new Hongqi H9, with technological innovation enhancing the luxurious driving experience.

On April 25th, the new Hongqi H9, a C+ class luxury flagship sedan equipped with HKC's 12.3" dual-screen in-vehicle display, was proudly launched at the 18th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition in 2024.

The in-vehicle display of the new Hongqi H9 adopts a unique dual-screen design. The dashboard screen, utilizing HKC's 12.3" in-vehicle display, incorporates a more ergonomic V-shaped design, integrating the center console and dashboard into a seamless solution. This significantly enhances the convenience and comfort of driving. Through touch technology, seamless communication between the driver and the vehicle is achieved, enabling a smoother and more effortless control of the vehicle, thus upgrading the luxurious driving experience of the new Hongqi H9.


The HKC 12.3" in-vehicle instrument display, serving as a standard product for the Hongqi H9, boasts a resolution of FHD 1920*720 and a color gamut exceeding 85%. It not only presents exquisite picture quality but also possesses superior image expression capabilities, rendering every detail of the image vividly and accurately, perfectly reproducing the authenticity of natural scenes.

Moreover, the screen employs advanced photoalignment technology, effectively boosting image contrast. This ensures that drivers of the Hongqi H9 can clearly view the high-definition images on the dashboard from any angle, greatly enhancing driving safety and comfort.

As a representative of China's high-end national automotive brands, Hongqi has always adhered to the brand philosophy of "Chinese-style new elegance and sophistication." The integration of HKC's dual-screen in-vehicle display technology with Hongqi's interior design, which includes crystal decoration, national porcelain inlay, and wooden trim, achieves a harmonious blend of luxury and technology.

HKC will continue to delve deeply into the field of in-vehicle screens, introducing more innovative products with diverse forms and functionalities suitable for various scenarios. At the same time, we will maintain close cooperation with automotive partners like Hongqi, jointly promoting intelligent upgrades in the automotive industry and delivering more intelligent, comfortable, and convenient driving experiences to consumers.