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Dedicated to Visual Health! The Powerful Arrival of KOORUI Screen Light

As a young technology brand under HKC Corporation, KOORUI focuses on creating trendy technology products for young people with its unique design and keen market insight. KOORUI always upholds the concept of innovation and continues to explore and develop, having launched a series of smart ecological products such as monitors and screen lights, aiming to bring consumers a better visual experience and satisfy their growing demand for eye protection.

KOORUI Launches Multiple Screen Light Products



The KOORUI KRP-004 intelligent eye-care screen light, as the latest generation of products, has achieved significant improvements in lighting effects with its professional optical prism design. Compared with traditional asymmetric optical structures, the KRP-004 has a more reasonable light path, more uniform lighting, and superior blue light filtering effects, providing users with a brand-new lighting experience.

In addition, the KRP-004 features an eye-care mode that automatically adjusts the color temperature and brightness suitable for human vision, creating a comfortable environment for eye use. Whether used for entertainment, office work, or study, it allows users to easily achieve a perfect balance between visual protection and comfortable visual experience.

The KOORUI KRP-004 is equipped with a convenient sliding button that allows users to freely adjust brightness and color temperature to meet various lighting needs in different scenarios, enabling you to enjoy a comfortable and quality lighting environment. It has a built-in ambient light sensor that can automatically compensate for illumination based on the usage scenario and adjust the brightness of the light in real-time, bringing you a new experience of intelligent lighting.

The KOORUI KRP-004 has a flexible power supply method, which can be powered through a USB port connected to a computer, charging head, or power bank. Its hanging light design uses a Type-C interface, compatible with mobile phone charging cables. Additionally, the product has a smart memory function that automatically records personalized lighting settings before shutdown. When restarted after a power outage, it will automatically restore the lighting settings, eliminating the need for repeated adjustments.



Compared to the KOORUI KRP-004, the KOORUI KRP-005 is a more advanced monitor screen light product. As an intelligent eye-care monitor screen light, the KOORUI KRP-005 utilizes a special optical prism design and reverse optical principles to fully neutralize the light of the hanging lamp and LED backlight. This helps effectively control and reduce harmful blue light, thereby alleviating eye fatigue caused by prolonged use.

The KOORUI KRP-005 is equipped with professionally customized LED beads to ensure no visible flickering and present a high-quality light source, assisting users in comfortable lighting. Its intelligent light-sensing adjustment function can automatically compensate for illumination in real-time, and the built-in ambient light sensor can adjust the brightness of the light based on the usage environment, achieving intelligent lighting.

Notably, the KOORUI KRP-005 features a unique daylight simulation function. This function can intelligently simulate changes in the solar spectrum based on the built-in clock, thereby achieving automatic adjustment of color temperature and illumination.

KOORUI Screen Light, a More Professional Desktop Eye-care Product

The KOORUI screen light body is made of aluminum alloy, PC, and ABS materials, ensuring durability and a striking design. Its unique adjustable angle of up to 92° effectively avoids light reflection onto the screen, supporting monitors with a maximum thickness of 5.5cm, demonstrating high adaptability.

The KOORUI screen light has a stepless adjustment function for brightness and color temperature. Through a dedicated flexible slide-touch module, users can freely adjust brightness and color temperature to meet various lighting needs in different scenarios, enjoying a comfortable and quality lighting experience.

Overall, the KOORUI screen light performs very well in terms of blue light neutralization effects, performance parameters, and user experience. While addressing desktop lighting, it can also neutralize blue light from computer screens, effectively protecting the eyes. For people who use computers for extended periods, a screen light is a very necessary product. Choose KOORUI, choose professionalism, and give your eyes the protection they deserve.