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HKC, an innovative brand, introduces a "300" color gamut one-touch switching technology to enhance user interaction experience

In the digital era, consumers' demand for visual experience, especially in color display, is constantly increasing. In display technology, color is primarily measured by color gamut, which represents the range of available colors. The level of color gamut is one of the factors that affect the quality and realism of the displayed image. A high color gamut can display richer colors and accurately reproduce real scenes, while a low color gamut is limited by the number of colors and has relatively weaker ability to represent details.

To meet consumers' demand for high-quality color performance and ease of use, HKC has successfully developed a display product equipped with the "300" color gamut one-touch switching technology. This product not only brings a brand-new visual experience to users, but also realizes rapid switching between different color gamuts through simple touch operations, greatly reducing the difficulty of user operation.

The "300" color gamut one-touch switching function

The "300" color gamut display refers to a screen with three high-color gamut displays: sRGB 100%, DCI-P3 100%, and Adobe RGB 100%. Among them, the sRGB color gamut is widely used in the internet and digital media, DCI-P3 is often used in film and television production and laser optical projection, while Adobe RGB is more suitable for professional graphic design. Each of the three color gamuts has its own advantages, but conventional "300" color gamut displays require users to manually switch and adjust parameters, which is cumbersome and difficult to control.

  • Application scenarios of the three color gamuts

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Therefore, HKC innovatively combines touch technology with "300" color gamut technology to achieve one-touch switching functionality. Users only need a gentle touch to freely switch between sRGB, DCI-P3, and Adobe RGB color gamuts, easily selecting the color space most suitable for the current application scenario, greatly enhancing the user's experience.

Comparison of switching "300 color gamut mode" between conventional displays and HKC displays


  • Easy compatibility

For terminal manufacturers, the compatibility of this product is also a major highlight. The display module independently completes color gamut switching and reserves multiple control interfaces, not relying on front-end devices such as platforms and systems. This means that any product equipped with this display module can achieve color gamut switching effects without the need for large-scale design changes. This not only reduces the cost for terminal manufacturers but also provides more possibilities for the wide application of products.

With the continuous maturity of display technology, consumers' attention to product experience is also gradually increasing. HKC's "300" color gamut one-touch switching technology will empower more products, making high-quality color display more daily and popular, bringing users a more exciting and personalized visual experience.

HKC will continue to play a leading role as an industry leader, upgrading user experience with leading technology and enriching people's visual enjoyment.