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HKC Enhances MLED Technology Innovation to Drive Further Upgrade of the Display Industry

In the era of rapidly evolving display technology, Mini LED direct display technology has successfully filled the gap in the ultra-large-size product market with its unique advantages such as portability and unlimited size splicing, becoming one of the key technologies that major display manufacturers are competing to develop.

Mini LED direct display technology mainly adopts three packaging methods: COB (Chip-on-Board), IMD (Integrated Matrix Devices), and MiP (Micro-in-Package). In recent years, COB packaged products have become the fastest-growing category in the LED small-pitch market segment due to their high integration, excellent protection, and similar surface light source visual effects.

According to DISCIEN data, in the first quarter of 2024, the sales revenue of the domestic LED small-pitch terminal market reached 4.22 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 10%. Among them, the sales revenue of the COB terminal market reached 990 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of over 115%. With the continuous release of production capacity and the continuous influx of new enterprises, the competition in the COB market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the market positioning is gradually infiltrating from the high-end market to the mid-end market, showing a strong momentum to comprehensively seize other LED small-pitch markets. The institution also predicts that by 2028, the COB market share will exceed 40%, and sales are expected to exceed 18 billion yuan. (This paragraph is from the DISCIEN public account)

As a leading enterprise in the display industry, HKC has actively deployed in the Mini LED market and successfully built the first large-size COB display screen production line. Currently, HKC's COB production capacity is increasing quarter by quarter, and is expected to reach 120K pieces by the end of 2024.

HKC's COB products have gained widespread recognition in the market due to their excellent technical advantages and product quality. The product mainly adopts full flip-chip technology, which has significant advantages such as high stability, long service life, large light-emitting area, high luminous efficiency, and excellent display effect. It also utilizes advanced technologies such as high blackening treatment, unique welding pad design, and full grayscale correction technology to further enhance the display effect and performance of the product.

In addition, full flip-chip technology is currently the only packaging technology that can achieve smaller chips and smaller dot spacings, and it is also an important path to achieve Micro LED technology in the future.


Since COB LED products are assembled and spliced from multiple small modules, they are not limited by size and are very suitable for application in ultra-large screen scenarios such as command centers, surveillance and security, advertising media, banking and finance, exhibition displays, and large screen rentals.

Currently, HKC's COB LED products have achieved mass delivery and generated value in many application fields. For example, at the ISVE Smart Display Exhibition, HKC showcased a COB 4K ultra-large screen with a size of 7840 x 3375mm. The screen's vibrant colors, high brightness, and high contrast attracted many viewers to stop and admire.


With more than 20 years of experience and technological accumulation in the display industry, HKC has continuously innovated and broken through in new display technologies. Next, HKC will continue to increase its investment in research and development and market expansion in the MLED field, actively promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the smart display industry, and enrich human visual enjoyment.