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HKC presented a number of new displays at COMPUTEX Taipei to explore a new future for displays

The 2024 COMPUTEX Taipei, themed "Connecting AI, Co-creating the Future," will be held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from June 4th to 7th. As the most representative professional exhibition in the IT and communications industry in Asia, this event gathers 1,500 technological enterprises from home and abroad, establishing over 10 exhibition areas, including "AI Computing and System Solutions," "Semiconductor and Advanced Technologies," and "Smart Technology Applications."


HKC's products at this exhibition mainly focus on HKC monitors, showcasing a series of LCD, OLED, MiniLED monitors, and Cloud Gaming AlO. While demonstrating its technological strength, HKC aims to promote industry exchanges and cooperation, jointly outlining the blueprint for the future development of the display industry. Through technological innovation, exchange, and cooperation, HKC strives to promote the green, efficient, and sustainable development of the display industry.

01 LCD Monitor

In the LCD display technology field, HKC currently possesses four G8.6 high-generation production lines, ranking as one of the three global giants in large-size LCD panels. In 2023, the company's LCD TV panel shipments, monitor panel shipments, and smartphone panel shipments ranked third, fifth, and third globally, respectively. Therefore, it possesses leading technological strength and mass production capabilities in this field.

At this exhibition, HKC displayed a series of LCD monitors for office, business, and Smart MNT, meeting the daily display needs of different users.

Among them, Smart MNT is an all-in-one monitor authorized by Google. It supports 4K resolution and boasts excellent performance with high resolution and high refresh rate. Equipped with the Android system, it can fully meet basic office needs while being fully compatible with the Google system's related ecosystem. It can directly preload overseas mainstream video software such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, bringing users a rich entertainment experience. In addition, Smart MNT also supports wired connection, wireless screen projection, and other interactive methods, further enhancing user convenience and interaction.

02 OLED Monitor

OLED, as a popular panel technology, has attracted much attention in the field of gaming monitors due to its excellent picture quality, ultra-fast response speed, and high refresh rate. HKC exhibited two OLED gaming monitors, the G13 and P2.

The G13, as a 2K 240Hz gaming monitor, boasts a contrast ratio of up to 1,500,000:1 and a response speed of GTG 0.03ms, providing gamers with an ultimate gaming experience. It also features DCI-P3 wide color gamut, offering excellent adaptability for daily gaming, office work, movie watching, and design. It is truly an "all-rounder."

Apart from the flat screen, HKC also launched a QD-OLED ultra-wide curved gaming monitor tailored for high-end gamers and users with professional productivity needs. Equipped with original QD-OLED modules, it offers more precise light control and superior, delicate image quality. With a GTG 0.03ms screen response speed, 240Hz high refresh rate, and support for DQHD (5120*1440) high-definition resolution, 99% DCI-P3, 100% sRGB, and 99% Adobe RGB professional color gamut coverage, it also features a variety of game modes, scenario modes, and PIP/PBP intelligent split-screen modes, bringing players a smoother and more enjoyable gaming and usage experience.

This product will soon be available at HKC's JD flagship store. Please stay tuned!

03 MiniLED Monitor

MiniLED monitors can achieve better contrast and brightness performance through zoned backlighting. The K1 MiniLED monitor exhibited by HKC supports 2K 240Hz high resolution and high refresh rate, boasts a contrast ratio of up to 200,000:1, DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and GTG 1ms rapid response time, presenting users with more vivid, realistic, and detailed images.

04 Cloud Gaming AlO

Cloud Gaming AlO not only possesses all the advantages of traditional gaming devices but also integrates the advanced concept of cloud computing, bringing users an unprecedented gaming experience.

This monitor supports a refresh rate of up to 180Hz and an extremely low response time, equipped with Intel's latest processor and high-speed network communication interface to safeguard the rendering processing of games. It further enhances users' gaming experience through professionally optimized systems, network architectures, and HKC's self-developed image quality processing technology.

Utilizing cloud computing power, it eliminates the need for GPU graphics cards and hardware loading, reducing power consumption and