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Entering the e-sports market, HKC and KOORUI monitors, both under the HKC brand, have made their way onto the list

According to the "Monthly Tracking of Online Retail Market for Displays in Mainland China" report released by Runto Technology, in the top 10 brand sales ranking of the online e-sports display market in Mainland China in May 2024, HKC and KOORUI, both under the HKC brand, ranked second and seventh respectively. Among them, KOORUI experienced a significant sales growth of 653%.


01 Forward-looking Layout in the E-sports Market

Since e-sports officially became an event at the Asian Games in 2023, its influence in the consumer electronics sector in the Chinese market has continued to expand, and the market share of e-sports displays has also increased significantly. With their forward-looking insights into the e-sports market, HKC and KOORUI have launched their respective e-sports display products years ago. Leveraging HKC's strong research and development capabilities, four high-generation production lines, and four smart terminal factories, they provide technological research and development and production capacity guarantees for the two brands' displays, thus gaining a first-mover advantage in the e-sports market.

02 Flagship Products Leading Market Trends

In May, HKC launched the Falcon II series, which combines award-winning Red Dot design with excellent performance. The upgraded Falcon series sold over 30,000 units during the 618 shopping festival. Combined with previous popular products such as OG27QK, MG27Q, VG273U PRO, and IG27Q, HKC displays have maintained a strong development momentum in the e-sports field.

KOORUI's explosive growth is mainly attributed to three products: X41, X41Q, and X71Q. Among them, X41 and X41Q are star products in small-screen e-sports displays. With their excellent cost-effectiveness and practicality, they have received numerous positive reviews in the market and become one of the preferred choices for e-sports players.

03 Differentiated Strategies to Meet Diverse Needs

As two major display brands under HKC, HKC and KOORUI have enhanced their brand influence and met the needs of different consumers in the e-sports display market through continuous technological innovation and differentiated market strategies. HKC e-sports displays utilize cutting-edge display technologies such as Fast IPS panels, ultra-high refresh rates, extremely low latency, and HKC's self-developed DIC dynamic blur elimination technology, bringing players an unprecedented smooth gaming experience. At the same time, HKC pays equal attention to product details, such as ultra-narrow bezels on three sides and mechanical arms, to meet the personalized needs of different players.

KOORUI e-sports displays also possess outstanding performance, including HDR10R and wide color gamut technologies, which can accurately capture and present highlights and dark details in the picture, making the image more vivid and realistic. Additionally, KOORUI focuses on cost-effectiveness, providing consumers with a value-for-money shopping experience.

Moreover, during the recently concluded 618 shopping festival, HKC displays dominated the sales charts with multiple powerful products, achieving sales of 152,000 units across the network during the 618 period.

04 Continuous Innovation to Shape the Future

Looking ahead, the e-sports market will continue to maintain a high growth trend. The HKC brand will closely follow market trends and technological developments, continuously enhancing product competitiveness and brand influence, bringing consumers quality and personalized visual experiences. At the same time, HKC will actively explore new market opportunities and cooperation models, contributing more to the vibrant development of the e-sports industry.