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​New Chapter in Curved Screens: HKC Achieves Breakthrough in IPS Technology, Elevating Gaming Experience

As an essential peripheral device, monitors play a pivotal role in both leisure entertainment and home office settings. Categorized by their appearance, monitors are primarily divided into flat-screen and curved-screen models. Among them, curved monitors, with their distinctive arc-shaped screen design, not only offer an expanded field of view but also impart a profound sense of immersion, making users feel as if they are right in the midst of the action, enjoying an immersive visual experience.

Currently, the majority of curved screens available in the market employ VA panels. While ordinary IPS panels excel in viewing angles and color vibrancy compared to VA panels, they are less commonly used in curved displays due to the issue of light leakage that arises when the panel is bent.

To tackle this technical challenge, HKC has made a pioneering move by incorporating the COT+POT design and manufacturing technology into its IPS technology. This, coupled with advanced features such as HIS fringe field and curved screen technologies, comprehensively addresses the issues of light leakage and color blending in IPS curved screens, resulting in a more evenly illuminated display that delivers an enhanced gaming experience.

34" WQHD 240Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Equipped with this innovative technology, the 34" WQHD 240Hz curved gaming monitor boasts a 21:9 aspect ratio and quadruple high-definition resolution, delivering exquisite and lifelike visuals. Available in two curvature options, R3800 and R1900, this monitor caters to diverse user preferences and viewing distances, offering a versatile range of choices.


Curvature Options: R1900


 Curvature Options: R3800

In terms of color performance, this gaming monitor is equally impressive. It achieves a stunning DCI-P3 94% color gamut coverage and boasts a remarkable contrast ratio, accurately reproducing vivid and authentic colors that immerse gamers in realistic scenarios and atmospheres. Furthermore, its 240Hz refresh rate and ultra-fast response time of less than 5ms ensure buttery smooth and crisp gameplay, enabling players to seize every critical moment with precision.

The successful development of the IPS curved screen not only fills the technological gap in HKC's portfolio but also underscores the company's commitment to enhancing user experiences. As a leading player in the display industry, HKC remains dedicated to exploring the frontiers of display applications, fostering a culture of innovation, and continuously delighting consumers with groundbreaking products.