R&d innovation

Surface display image quality improvement technology

The traditional curved liquid crystal display technology mainly uses the same orientation film to match the liquid crystal on the array substrate and the color film substrate, and makes the liquid crystal on the two substrates form different predip angles through the adjustment of process parameters to solve the problem of partial curvature of the curved surface dark mass. The main adjustment process parameters include the temperature and time of color film substrate pre-baking and the thickness of material film, and the temperature and time of array substrate pre-baking. Through the adjustment of the above process parameters, the anchoring energy of the directional film can be changed in a small range, but this technology not only affects the production capacity, but also can not completely solve the problem of curved surface dark mass, affecting the product picture quality and yield.

HKC surface display image quality improvement technology adopts Dual PI technology, through different alignment film and liquid crystal matching each other, the array substrate side and color film substrate side to form different pre-tilt Angle, adjust the single-side pre-tilt Angle to a specific Angle and maintain between ±0.3 degrees, eliminate the display panel in the curved state of dark mass. To solve the problem of dark clusters under different curvatures. At the same time, the company's technical process adopts DBS (cancel the black matrix corresponding to the data line position) design in the surface, and uses the common electrode metal to shield the data signal to prevent light leakage when bending, and the side polishing process to remove the tiny cracks on the edge of the cut glass to avoid the emergence of cracks after the bending of the display panel.