R&d innovation

Wide viewing Angle low color bias drive display technology

At present, the panel opening rate in the industry is affected by the array process and material characteristics, resulting in a relatively low opening rate, and because of the low penetration rate of positive liquid crystal, resulting in the overall penetration rate of display panel is low; Due to the friction alignment process used in the industry at present, the uneven alignment of the liquid crystal in the friction alignment process due to the difference in the topography of the TFT side, resulting in light leakage in the dark state, affecting the optical characteristics such as contrast and viewing Angle of the display panel.

HKC uses the architecture design of High Interfinger Switching (HIS technology) to improve the opening rate of the display panel, and with copper (Cu) process to improve the performance of TFT. At the same time, the design of HIS technology with COA architecture can reduce the risk of penetration reduction due to assembly. In the material side, the company participated in the development of negative liquid crystal makes the penetration rate of LCD has been greatly improved, effectively enhance the competitiveness of the product; In addition, the company adopts the optical alignment process and uses ultraviolet light to replace the original friction alignment, making the alignment more uniform, reducing the pre-inclination Angle, effectively reducing the dark state light leakage, and improving the viewing Angle. Through the innovation of HIS architecture, negative liquid crystal, COA and optical orientation process, the company's panel products have high contrast, high penetration and display performance suitable for curved surface applications.