R&d innovation

High quality display technology

With the continuous development of display technology, there are more and more types of electronic products, and consumers' pursuit of picture quality is also getting higher and higher. In order to meet the better and higher needs of consumers and provide them with the ultimate beautiful visual enjoyment, HKC not only develops advanced high-definition display technology.

As HKC has always been a leader in large-size panels, the Demura display technology developed by HKC can improve the uniformity of large-size panels, so that the display effect is better and the visual perception is guaranteed. And this technical level has reached the advanced level of the industry, which can greatly improve the uneven situation of large-size panels, so that consumers can enjoy the visual feast brought by large-size high-resolution display at the same time, the picture quality is more perfect.

In addition to the picture quality, the Auto-PGamma display technology developed by HKC can adjust the display brightness to meet the industry set γ=2.2±0.2, the technology can cover all products, regardless of product size or model restrictions, and after auto P-gamma processing cells can meet the requirements of γ=2.2±0.2. It is very suitable for high-specification panel products to bring higher quality visual experience to consumers.