R&d innovation

MMG sleeve cutting design and technology

Multi-Model Glass (MMG) refers to the cutting of multiple sizes of liquid crystal panels on a glass substrate, that is, two or more liquid crystal panels of different sizes are mixed on the same glass substrate, which is conducive to improving the utilization rate of glass substrate and reducing production costs. This technology can reduce costs and improve material utilization; Second, it can make mixed cutting and matching of products of different sizes, so there is also more choice space in product planning.

Whether in terms of technology or process, HKC relies on its own G8.6 generation production line to make full use of the capacity output of the existing factory through the MMG process, of which 75 inch TV/50 inch TV/43 inch, TV three sets of cutting products for the first time in the industry in the process and design end of the clever application of double-head exposure equipment and size of the light mask splice. The substrate utilization rate of the large size product reached 95%.

The subsequent products developed by HKC will continue to develop in a higher level and diversified design direction.