R&d innovation

Narrow frame In-Cell display technology

According to the current mainstream development of on-board touch display technology, In-Cell technology stands out from the aspects of process, sensitivity, brightness, etc., and has gradually replaced OGS, On Cell and other touch panel display technologies to become the core of on-board display.

Compared with other technology screens, in-cell display technology reduces one layer and reduces the number of fits, which makes the light transmission rate higher, the picture quality is improved, the screen picture is clearer and transparent, and the visual experience is also improved. The brightness of HKC In-cell product assembly can reach 1000nits to meet the needs of outdoor display In the car.

In-Cell products load the touch circuit on the LCD screen, making the LCD screen not only has the ability to perceive the touch input of the traditional touch pad, but also the touch feedback is faster and more accurate, reducing the display noise, and providing first-class capacitive touch performance. Hueco In-Cell in-cell display products, the signal rate can reach 120Hz, so that the product touch performance is more excellent. And on the basis of In-Cell display technology, synchronous with GDL design, while both narrow frame, thin and other technical characteristics.

HKC has always adhered to the path of development and innovation, continued to explore smart cockpit technology innovation, and brought a new intelligent driving experience to consumers.