R&d innovation

MiniLED technology

In recent years, with the continuous application of MiniLED to various products in the display industry, HKC is also stepping up the layout of MiniLED product line, actively applied to monitors, TVS, car screens and so on.

MiniLED Chinese scientific name is "sub-millimeter light emitting diode", is a display backlight technology, this technology mainly acts on the LCD backlight, because this kind of liquid crystal display itself does not emit light, need to rely on the backlight to achieve color display. The principle is to reduce the size of the LED lamp bead, so that the panel can accommodate more beads while maintaining the same area, the more beads, the brighter the backlight, meaning that it can make the display have higher brightness, contrast and color gamut, pull up the visual ceiling, improve the user's visual experience.

With deep technical accumulation and continuous technical innovation in the field of MiniLED technology, HKC launched 4K/144Hz MiniLED backlight display, which was not only widely welcomed by consumers in the market, but also won the Innovation Award of China Electronic Information Expo; Car display also launched a 12.3-inch Mini-led using POB scheme, partition number > 2000, high dynamic contrast > 10,000:1, the display effect is more delicate, to provide drivers with a new visual experience.

In the future, consumers' demand for display screens will become increasingly sophisticated, and HKC will continue to develop innovative technologies to continue to provide users with a better visual experience.